How are hormones removed from the blood?

[Role of the liver in hormone metabolism and in the regulation of their content in the blood]

The normal liver function depends upon the amount of hormones in the blood which is regulated not only by the endocrine glands (EG) but by the liver itself to a large degree. The hormone content in the blood may be normal, when the EG function is increased, if the liver removes them intensively, inactivates them and excretes in the bile. If the hormone excess exceeds the regulatory capacities of the liver, their level in the blood increases. An inflow of an increased amount of hormones damages liver functions, then elimination of the hormone excess decreased or does not occur, and their level in the blood increases further. The function of the corresponding EG is inhibited. When the EG functions decrease, the level of hormones in the blood may remain normal owing to their decreased removal by the normal liver. Thus, the normally functioning liver may for some time maintain the normal balance of hormones when the EG functions are disturbed. The same may happen in the disorders in the liver function, if the EG function normally.

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