Are glands organs?


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Primary Organs and Hormones of the Endocrine System

The glands of the endocrine system secrete hormones into the bloodstream to maintain homeostasis and regulate metabolism. Today we will be taking a virtual tour of this system’s primary organs in a quick, informative two-minute video.
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Blood pressure is caused by resistance blood encounters as it moves through blood vessels. Ever wonder how blood pressure is measured? It is commonly recorded by measuring both systolic and diastolic pressures. … Lagi Systolic pressure is the point of the highest pressure, when the ventricles are contracting and pressure is highest in the arteries. Diastolic pressure is when the ventricles are relaxed and the semilunar valves are closed. The average systolic pressure is 120 millimeters of mercury. The average diastolic pressure is 70 to 80 millimeters of mercury. Learn more about blood vessel structure and function:

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All About Sea Stars (ft. The New England Aquarium)

We took a field trip to the New England Aquarium to get up close and personal with real sea stars! Aquarist Jordan Baker introduced us to 26 northern sea stars and chatted about sea star anatomy and physiology! … Lagi Help keep sea stars in the sea, visit the aquarium to see them in person, and use Visible Biology to dissect them virtually.

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Asthma is a very common chronic disease that affects about 262 million people worldwide. Triggers such as allergens or exercise can cause inflammation and extra mucus production in the airways, leading them to … Lagi narrow. Narrowed airways mean that breathing is more difficult. Asthma can interfere with day-to-day activities, and it’s treated with controller inhalers (which prevent symptoms) and rescue inhalers (which address asthma attacks). Learn more about how asthma affects the body, and how it is diagnosed and treated:

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Today is National Pig Day and we have exciting news! Coming soon to Visible Biology is a new 3D dissectible pig model! You will be able to find it alongside the sea star, earthworm, and frog models in the … Lagi Animal Structure and Function unit! Stay tuned to learn when the model will be added!

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The VB Family wishes a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

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What is an ankle sprain?

Sprains happen when ligaments are overstretched or torn. This often occurs when a fall or awkward landing from a jump forces the ankle joint to move in an unusual way, stressing or possibly tearing the … Lagi ligaments surrounding it. Watch this brief two-minute video to learn about ankle sprains and the symptoms associated with them. Explore different models, animations, and videos of the foot and ankle with Human Anatomy Atlas 2023+!

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The glands of the endocrine system secrete hormones throughout the body. Today we’ll be taking a virtual tour through the endocrine system’s primary organs. The hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenal glands, and pancreas. Let’s start our tour at the main control centers for the endocrine system. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands located in the brain. The hypothalamus is the bridge between the nervous system and the endocrine system. It receives signals from the other areas of the brain and translates them into hormones which travel to the pituitary gland. A The pituitary gland has two lobes, the anterior lobe and posterior lobe. The hypothalamus produces two hormones, anti diuretic hormones and oxytocin which are stored in the posterior lobe for layer release into the bloodstream. Hormones from the hypothalamus regulate the release of the anterior pituitary hormones which in turn regulate various endocrine glands throughout the body such as the thyroid, adrenal glands, gonads and mammory glands. The anterior pituitary gland also secretes human growth hormones which travels to the muscles, bones and liver. Before the brain, let’s take a quick look at the pineal gland. This pine cone shaped gland at the back of the diancephalon secrete melatonin which regulates the body sleep patterns. The thyroid and parathyroid glands are located in the neck. The thyroid regulates metabolism by secreting T3 and T four. It also secretes calcitonin which helps regulate blood calcium levels. The parathyroid secrete PTH or parathyroid hormone which works in a complementary way to calciton in regulating blood calcium. The adrenal glands are pyramid shape and sit on top of the kidneys. They have an outer cortex and an inner medulla. The cortex secrete numerous steroid hormones such as cortisol, eldosterone, androgens and estrogens. The medulla secretes epinephrine and noreepinephrine which play key roles in the body’s short term response to stress. Also known as the fight or flight response. The pancreas does double duty as an accessory digestive organ and an endocrine gland. Cells in the pancreatic eyelets secrete insulin and glucagon which regulate levels of glucose in the blood into the bloodstream I Want to learn more about the endocrine system? Visible Body Website has all the bite-size lessons, 3D models, animations, and flashcards you need. Learn more at Visible Body. com slash websuite.